Composer-lyricist Kevin Fry’s delightfully campy horror musical, based on the 1962 gore-fest The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, is not only enjoyable on the level of Midnight Theater excess, it’s a quick-witted show by any standard. Its catchy score and clever, bloodthirsty lyrics are in the style of Little Shop of Horrors. And how can you not love a musical that features a severed head warbling songs of love and hatred?"
Paul Birchall – LA Weekly


"All kidding and punstering aside, HEAD, THE MUSICAL (or as it’s also billed, “EINE SYMPHONIE DES GRAUENS!”—A Symphony of Horror) is a darned good show. Based on the old Chiller Theater classic, THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE, HEAD’s twelve song and dance numbers are sexy and upbeat, and make for a slam bang good time of a show."
Robert Axelrod – Reviewplays

"Head the Musical is pure, horrifying joy!"


"With some re-tooling it has the potential to reach the cult status of some of its predecessors." 

Christina Hulen – LA Examiner

“Head, the Musical,” is so bad it’s good. And I mean that in a good way: that’s exactly what The Met Theatre is aiming for in this it’-so-silly-it’s-funny, cult-classic-styled production. It’s good for some fun song-and-dance routines, and it’s good for a laugh.
Laurel Belgreen –


"Robert Shaw provides crisp musical direction, while Paul Koslo’s clever, uncluttered set makes the most of the small venue, assisted by Alicia Ziff’s atmospheric lighting. Prim souls may be disconcerted by the relentless vulgarity, but at the performance attended, an enthusiastic audience was eating it up."
Neal Weaver – Backstage


"The take-off of the 1962 B film The Brain that Wouldn't Die is chock full of campy characters, ridiculous situations, and over-the-top songs. How can you not love it?"

Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star